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Artist statement

 My name is Panos, and I am a photographer. In the past 6 years, I've been living in various locations worldwide, including The Netherlands, Turkey, Uganda, and Greece. Travelling is my passion, and I love writing about and capturing life through a lens. The photographic style that best describes me is reportage, although I would not say no to a creative photoshoot. I like to capture the culture, artists, weddings, and nature. My goal is to create visual storytelling using some words and pictures taken naturally rather than a staged one. Culture and unique human interactions are my passion. Artists are my community, and I love to capture magnificent moments of their performances. Nature is the state that brings me peace, and capturing wildlife is the ultimate manifestation of God.  In weddings, emotion and feeling are my priority, even if the long staged family photos cannot be avoided.  
Uganda has been home to amazing people and experiences surrounding my life. The documentation of an interesting life and various commissioned jobs are displayed on the website you just visited.
Enjoy your trip. 

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